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Toronto Real Estate Board Edition

Includes TREB specific forms, TREB branded OREA standard forms
and special forms designed by Reagency

Basic Forms 
Agreement of Purchase and Sale100
Agreement of Purchase and Sale - Condominium Resale101
Agreement to Lease - Residential400
Amendment to Agreement of Purchase and Sale120
Amendment to Agreement to Lease405
Buyer Representation Agreement300
Cancellation of Buyer Representation Agreement301
Confirmation of Co-Operation and Representation320
Corporation/Entity Identification Information Record631
easyACCOUNTING Trade Record Sheet Data Link‡R01
easyACCOUNTING Trade Record Sheet Supplementary Info. Link‡R02
Individual Identification Information Record630
Mutual Release122
Receipt of Funds Record635
Risk Assessment for Brokerage639
Schedule "A" - Amendment to Agreement of Purchase & Sale‡120A
Schedule "A" - Amendment to Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Condo.‡405A
Expanded Residential Forms 
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Co-op Resale102
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Co-ownership Resale115
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Mobile/Modular/Manufactured110
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - POTL Common Elements Condominium111
Agreement to Co-Operate Prior to Showing651
Amendment to Buyer Customer Service Agreement652
Amendment to Buyer Representation Agreement305
Amendment to Listing Agreement (Price change/extension/etc.) - Lease212
Amendment to Listing Agreement (Price change/extension/etc.) - Sale240
Amendment to Seller Commission Agreement207
Amendment to Seller Customer Service Agreement205
Assignment of Agreement of Purchase & Sale145
Assignment of Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Condominium150
Assignment of Buyer Representation Agreement302
Assignment of Listing Agreement - Lease215
Assignment of Listing Agreement - Sale243
Brokerage Communication - Competing Offers, Multiple Representation652
Buyer Customer Service Agreement310
Buyer Representation Agreement Data Form**380
Cancellation of Listing Agreement - Lease214
Cancellation of Listing Agreement - Sale242
Certificate of Power of Sale262
Co-Brokerage Agreement Between Multiple Listing Brokerages650
Condition(s) in Offer Acknowledgement - Buyer127
Condition(s) in Offer Acknowledgement - Seller128
Consent Agreement633
Counter Offer107
Disclosure of Benefit/Payment to Registrant610
Entry/Access to Property Acknowledgement - Seller108
Entry/Access to Property Acknowledgement - Tenant408
Fax Cover Sheet - Offers and Related Documents130
Green Information Checklist - Residential824
Identification Mandatory/Agent Agreement632
Listing Agreement - Lease**210A
Listing Agreement - Sale**200A
MLS® Data Information Form - Freehold - Sale**290
MLS® Data Information Form - Freehold - Lease**296
MLS® Data Information Form - Condominium - Sale**291
MLS® Data Information Form - Condominium - Lease**292
Mortgage Verification261
Notice of Fulfillment of Condition124
Notice to Remove Condition121
Open House Guest Registration Form270
Offer Presentation Acknowledgement109
Offer Summary Document801
Referral Agreement641
Registrant’s Disclosure of Interest - Acquisition of Property160
Registrant’s Disclosure of Interest - Disposition of Property161
Rental Application - Residential410
Residential Information Checklist820
Residential Information Checklist - Condominium821
Residential Information Checklist - Rental Fixtures/Chattels Included823
Residential Information Checklist - Rental/Tenancy on Property826
Residential Information Checklist - Water, Waste, Access & Shoreline822
Schedule "A" - Counter Offer‡107A
Schedule "_" - Agreement of Purchase & Sale105
Schedule "_" - Agreement to Lease - Residential401
Schedule "_" - Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale‡145A
Schedule "_" - Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale - Condo‡150A
Schedule "_" - Buyer Customer Service Agreement314
Schedule "_" - Buyer Representation Agreement303
Schedule "_" - Listing Agreement - Lease211
Schedule "_" - Listing Agreement - Sale203
Schedule "_" - Seller Commission Agreement206
Schedule "_" - Seller Customer Service Agreement204
Seller Commission Agreement with Co-op. Brokerage, Listed Property202
Seller Customer Service Agreement201
Seller Property Information Statement220
Seller Property Information Statement - Important Information for Sellers225
Seller Property Information Statement - Schedule for Condominiums221
Seller Property Information Statement - Water, Waste, Access & Shoreline222
Seller Selling Under Power of Sale106
Seller's Direction for Showings and Offers244
Suspension of Listing Agreement - Lease213
Suspension of Listing Agreement - Sale241
Termination of Agreement by Buyer125
Termination of Agreement by Seller126
Trade Record Sheet640
Universal Schedule‡R05
Working with a REALTOR®810 
Commercial Forms 
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Bulk Sales Act502
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Commercial500
Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Commercial Condominium501
Agreement to Lease - Long Form510
Agreement to Lease - Short Form511
Agreement to Sub-Lease - Commercial515
Amendment to Agreement to Lease - Commercial513
Amendment to Agreement to Sub-Lease - Commercial517
Amendment to Buyer Customer Service Agreement - Commercial552
Amendment to Buyer Representation Agreement - Commercial541
Amendment to Landlord Customer Service Agreement - Commercial538
Amendment to Listing - Lease - Commercial527
Amendment to Listing - Sale - Commercial521
Amendment to Seller Customer Service Agreement - Commercial534
Amendment to Tenant Customer Service Agreement - Commercial556
Amendment to Tenant Representation Agreement - Commercial548
Assignment of Buyer Representation Agreement - Commercial542
Assignment of Listing Agreement - Lease - Commercial532
Assignment of Listing Agreement - Sale - Commercial531
Assignment of Tenant Representation Agreement - Commercial550
Buyer Customer Service Agreement - Commercial545
Buyer Representation Agreement - Commercial540
Cancellation of Buyer Representation Agreement - Commercial544
Cancellation of Listing Agreement - Lease - Commercial528
Cancellation of Listing Agreement - Sale - Commercial522
Cancellation of Tenant Representation Agreement - Commercial549
Confidentiality Agreement560
Green Information Checklist - Commercial825
Landlord Customer Service Agreement - Commercial536
Listing Agreement - Commercial Lease525
Listing Agreement - Commercial Sale520
Listing Agreement - Commercial Sub-Lease530
MLS® Data Information Form - Commercial Lease/Sub-Lease**592
MLS® Data Information Form - Commercial Sale**590
Schedule "A" - Amendment to Agreement to Lease - Commercial‡513A
Schedule "A" - Amendment to Agreement to Sub-Lease - Commercial‡517A
Schedule "_" - Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Commercial505
Schedule "_" - Agreement to Lease - Commercial512
Schedule "_" - Agreement to Sub-Lease - Commercial516
Schedule "_" - Buyer Customer Service Agreement - Commercial551
Schedule "_" - Buyer Representation Agreement - Commercial543
Schedule "_" - Landlord Customer Service Agreement - Commercial536
Schedule "_" - Listing Agreement - Lease - Commercial211
Schedule "_" - Listing Agreement - Sale - Commercial523
Schedule "_" - Listing Agreement - Sub-Lease - Commercial‡530A
Schedule "_" - Seller Customer Service Agreement - Commercial533
Schedule "_" - Tenant Customer Service Agreement - Commercial554
Schedule "_" - Tenant Representation Agreement - Commercial547
Seller Customer Service Agreement - Commercial535
Suspension of Listing Agreement - Lease - Commercial529
Suspension of Listing Agreement - Sale - Commercial524
Tenant Application & Credit Information - Commercial565
Tenant Customer Service Agreement - Commercial553
Tenant Representation Agreement - Commercial546
Working with a Commercial REALTOR®815

easyOFFER comes with the Basic TREB forms pack included
** TREB Specific Forms
Reagency designed form 

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